Department of Psychiatry
School of Medicine Queen's University


Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry On Call orientation site. This site is intended for psychiatry residents but may also assist clinical clerks and faculty members. An electronic copy of the on call handbook, updated in 2018, has been included and is strongly recommended as the first reading point.  Also included are assessment and management guidelines for the patients you will meet on call, procedural tools, advice on confidentially issues and a list of resources.  There is also a link to the Ontario Mental Health Act.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Program Medical Director, Dr. Claudio Soares, or the Chief Residents.

On Call Handbook
Assessing a Child and Adolescent
Crisis Management and Aspects of BPD
Emergency Psychiatry
Medical Stability and Substance Related Emergencies
Mental Health Resources - Phone Numbers
Processes and Procedures
Suicide: Risk Assessment
A Practical Guide to Mental Health and Law in Ontario